How’s this Work?

What comes with it and how our Fishing Maps work

Below, you can read what comes with each and every map area we offer. All fishing spot names and labels are “Matched” so switching between devices is not confusing and our files are easy to use over a variety of devices. The fishing spot names and comments match on all files, including the printable lat/long file mentioned below. Check it out!

  • fishing-maps-for-iphone-ipad-androidGoogle Earth Fishing Map File with NOAA Nautical Chart overlay! This file allows the use of multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Droid, and computers using the free Google Earth App. Many fishermen are now using a mobile device as fishing GPS to assist in studying and to help find fishing spots. This Google Earth Fishing Map file will also allow users to view information, and fishing spots notes or comments on each fishing spot provided by some of the best fishermen in each area. This file has matching names and labels to co-exist with your GPS files for easy studying or reading extended comments. (all included) See how this looks on our mobile device or computer with our included and integrated South Carolina NOAA Offshore Chart overlay!


  • GPS_FISHING_MAPSGPS Import/Upload File – Copy, Paste, load to your GPS and go Fishing! Does your GPS take an SD or Micro SD Card? Get ready for easy uploading! Our specially created copy and paste GPS files are designed to work with Garmin, Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad and Humminbird GPS models that accept an SD Card. With this specially designed file, you can load all your new fishing spots to your GPS in one shot using the file and a blank SD Card! All Fishing spots names and labels on this GPS file will match your Mobile Device File(s) and your printable list of coordinates for easy matching up of Fishing Spots! (all included)


  •  Printable Matching Name and Label GPS Coordinates List – This is a PDF printable and viewable file with each and every fishing spot showing each individual Lat/Long on our map for entering GPS numbers into any GPS device or program in the world. All Labels and names on these fishing spots will match the fishing spots on your other files for ease of use to match your fishing spots throughout your area using any device you own. (all included)


  • Fishing and Rigging Tutorials – That’s right, we have fishing and rigging tutorials for Offshore Trolling, Bottom Fishing and more. These are included to match the fishing map area you have purchased. (all included with any purchase)


usThis Fishing Map system is very easy to use, multifunctional over a variety of GPS units and Mobile devices using simple copy and paste files.

As of this season, we now celebrate 10-Years in the GPS Fishing Map business with a 98% positive feedback rating from our customers throughout the southern states! This is a number we’re proud of, and we intend to keep it. Thank ALL of you for your business and support and we look forward to serving new customers this season!

Tight Lines and Good Fishing to All!

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